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Immediate Solutions to Jumpstart Your Sales

If your Sales & Marketing budget remains slim and your limited campaigns are not generating the revenue your company needs, you may consider delegating those roles to an outside team like Alpha Meridian Group. When the time comes to accelerate sales, expand your reach, or launch more robust real estate marketing efforts, consider the benefits of working with an experienced team of Sales & Marketing professionals.

There are several reasons to consider outsourcing your to a team of professionals. From greater expertise, to reducing the cost of hiring and managing additional team members, it’s the right fit for many developers, both large and small, who lack the in-house skills to professionally sell their products. AMG can also expand into international markets on your behalf at a fraction of the cost it would take any company to set up business infrastructure and effective brand presence.

Why Consider Outsourcing?

1. Increased Access to Expertise

Even if you have a bit of time on your hands or a staff you can task with basic marketing activities for your company, chances are you don’t have a background in Sales & Marketing and are not up-to-date on all the newest technologies and tools, especially as they relate to real estate. Large, life-altering purchases require the buyer to be guided in the decision making process from the benefits, financial practicality and emotional urgency of the purchase.

Upon hiring Alpha Meridian Group in this capacity, our sole job is real estate marketing strategy and execution helps you leverage greater expertise in many more disciplines than you have in-house. You can tap into our experts in design, web development, video production, online marketing and any number of other fields, all of whom already stay up to date with the current trends and technologies you should have at your disposal.

2. Get Fresh & Innovative Ideas for Your Campaigns

Another issue that real estate developers run into when managing their marketing efforts in-house is a lack of new ideas. When the same group of engineering and development professionals, all with the same background and experience approach a problem, they’re going to see the same solutions time and again.

AMG will help you see and attempt new things that you wouldn’t otherwise try. That fresh, outside perspective might have helped manage successful property marketing campaigns with new tactics you can now leverage for your own business. At the same time, having those new ideas might lead to innovative takes that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.

From best practices in website design to effective online marketing campaigns, there are numerous tactics can you try that probably haven’t been on your radar until now.

3. Focus on Your Core Strengths

Often times marketing is one of the first things to drop down the list when you’re in the middle of constructing multi-million dollar capital proejects. As important as Sales & Marketing is, it has a greater impact on your future than your present, so it’s easy for companies to under estimate the value of-, and fail to properly develop.

By outsourcing Sales & Marketing, you can free up your bandwidth and focus your time on high-value activitiesthat have the most impact on your business’s bottom line, and let an external company execute – ensuring you actually see results from your marketing investment.

4. Timing & Speed

Sales & Marketing is all about speed — be it Commercial, Retail, Luxury or affordable real estate. Having a clear idea of the what solutions to implement, the best practices to follow, and a background in what does and does not work is crucial to quickly execute effective, positive ROI Sales & Marketing efforts for real estate transactions.

Does your internal team have the resources needed to quickly and expertly test new ideas and quickly see a ROI from any one campaign? For developers, the answer is often no. An internal Sales & Marketing division can takes months or years to build, and requires expert management to incentivize high performers. By outsourcing, you can leverage the expertise and resources of AMG to improve both the speed and performance of your marketing efforts.

5. Reduce HR Costs

A single internal hire can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Recruiting, the interview process, training of a new employee, and then the recurring risk of turnover all add up to significant expenses that businesses cannot afford to shoulder again and again.

Unless you get lucky and find a marketing unicorn who sticks with your company for years, you’ll be lucky to get someone at a reasonable salary for more than a couple of years, and even then, your expenses are high when you consider the team and resources needed to facilitate effective high-dollar Sales & Marketing.

Alpha Merdian Group allows you to leverage our existing team, offsetting the risk of hiring, management, and potential separation of direct-hires to another company. Additional expenses that go with internal hires such as payroll taxes, benefits, equipment, and time off are similarly avoided.

With AMG you get access to a team of Sales & Marketing experts without the inherent risk of hiring them internally.

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