Marketing in a Changing World

Bespoke Marketing: One Size Does Not Fit All

AMG’s expertise is extensive. Our ability to correctly identify programs and campaigns to employ in support of product sales is a key strength — especially when dealing with multiple markets, cultures and languages. Well developed and positioned marketing is the driver of sales. Strategic planning and design, followed by superior tactical execution, creates a high performance function.

  • Detailed strategic marketing, relevant process design and operating plans
  • Direct marketing programs, channel marketing, data acquisition and development
  • On-line marketing – SEM, PPC, Social Media, Email and digital campaign deployment
  • CRM and database management

Customer generation starts with market research and ideas to connect products to people. Next, a budgeted & well-developed strategy to gain response is created using several methods carefully selected for optimization. Choosing the right program mix, demographic target and messaging to support strategic intent and ROI is critical to success.

Seamless Integration Between Marketing and Sales

Marketing requires the complete integration with a Sales Operation to maximize business productivity. Development of your marketing channels to support the balance and efficiency in both direct response and on-line marketing is essential. Managing the space between lead generation and a sales ready opportunity is a key to optimizing marketing success.

High Performing Sales Operations are driven by talented and very well skilled people with an extreme passion to win. The right people are paramount for success and will maximize their unique talents and skills when they are educated and trained in the art and science of sales with all relevant processes and your product or service.

New or under-performing sales operations require refined and well-developed strategic plans tied to a company’s business, financial and sales performance objectives. Assessed and reworked, a strategic or tactical plan is built for all your sales, marketing and service disciplines to optimize success. We excel in planning, execution and management.

  • Strategic Advisory
  • External Analysis
  • Internal Assessment
  • Strategic Development

Branding Brings Longterm Value

Brand building is storytelling at its finest. Alpha Meridian Group focuses on what matters most to your customers to your drive growth, crystalize your mission and provide a visible competitive edge in your sector.

AMG starts with a fundamental understanding of what your brand stands for now and how it should be positioned going forward, in your current market and foreign markets. Then we translate that understanding into an expression of your brand that will loyalty and longterm, sustainable growth.

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