Social Enterprise

The Triple Bottom Line:

People, Profits & Planet

Since 2015, Alpha Meridian Group expanded its operational scope to include the advancement of social enterprise programs in ASEAN countries. These for-profit programs have aimed to better the plight of millions of women, children and underpriveledged communities that lack education, power, clean water and basic human rights.

For these projects, AMG develops positive revenue generating plans that are sustainable and easy to implement. We understand that in order for such enterprises to be sustainable, all three components of People, Profits and Planet must be in place. The success of these projects is due to AMG’s Scaling Lean approach, which “right sizes” each customized solution from the beginning in order to test unknown markets and limit financial risk.

“Social enterprises use the power of the market place to solve the most pressing societal problems. They are businesses that exist primarily to benefit the public and the community, rather than their shareholders and owners. Social enterprises are commercially viable businesses with a purpose of generating social impact.”

Leadership at Every Level

Using the same management training we provide our corporate clients, Alpha Meridian Group ingrains leadership vision and techniques at every level of social enterprise. From performance and accountability to efficient processes, AMG’s enterprise teams are empowered with the tools to problem-solve, adapt, inspire and succeed.

As early as July 1989, the Harvard Business Review identified the vast need for professional skills in the humanitarian sector. “Nonprofits need management even more than business does, precisely because they lack the discipline of the bottom line.” It is in this spirit that AMG is able to provide lasting value to social enterprises of all kinds worldwide.

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