Award Winning Sales Training

5-Time Stevie Award Winner for Best Sales Teams in America

Consistent Sales Performance is a Science

The science of sales is where the art of interacting with people meets tried & true methods for closing deals. That is how AMG’s sales teams are able to replicate high performing sales results again and again. Sales Operations are driven by talented and very well skilled people with an extreme passion to win. The right people are paramount for success and will maximize their unique talents when they are properly equipped with fundamental sales tools and correctly incentivized to perform. Replicating sales excellence is not only achievable, but also the key to increasing revenues year over year. It is what makes a good company a GREAT company.

Attributes of Great Sales Companies

Successful sales organizations are built on a performance model fueled by four levers:
The aptitudes of who you hire. Aptitude is defined as the natural gifts of a member of the team. Would you rather have peo- ple more naturally inclined for the tasks sales requires or someone that is less naturally gifted?
The team member’s level of motivation. Motivation is defined as a team member’s willingness to whatever it takes to win… without cheating. Would you rather have a team of self-starters, or a team you must jump-start every single day?
The skills the team members possess. A skill is defined as something a person can become proficient at (not expert) in 6 months or less. Would you rather have a team highly skilled in the tasks fueling your process or a team still figuring things out?
A clear understanding of a person’s role. Role is defined as a person’s understanding of what they are expected to do, and why the company hired them. Would you rather have a team with clearly defined roles or a team that was unsure every day?

Sales Training Services

New or under-performing sales operations require refined and well-developed strategic plans tied to a company’s business, financial and sales performance objectives. When these plans are injected with step-by-step modules that train teams on developing customer rapport, identifying urgency & benefits and the art of closing, sales performance is enhanced dramatically. Alpha Meridian Group will create a a strategic or tactical plan that is tailored to all your sales, marketing and service disciplines. Our goal is to optimize success in building, training and management of high performing sales teams.

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