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Make Your Event Sizzle

The right keynote speaker adds something special to your event. They take your message, repackage it and deliver it back to your people with an unmatched power and vigor.

Bringing in an outside voice creates a non replicable spark of energy and authority. Not only can they help you get your company’s message across in a powerful way, but they can help boost motivation, change employees’ way of thinking and leave your people feeling energized & inspired. AMG keynote speakers include the best TED storytellers, leaders in innovation & futurism, celebrities, value-driven speakers, diversity topics and more. Each speaker will customize their message to your company. AMG Keynote speakers are some of the most respected and sought-out talent in the world. They are part of our journey to take companies from “Good to Great”.

Featured Speaker: Boaz Rauchwerger

Boaz Rauchwerger is an internationally-known speaker, trainer, consultant and author. Over a 30-year span Boaz has delivered thousands of seminars, published books, developed corporate strategies, and provided one-on-one consulting to help companies improve communication. He has taught over half a million people how to supercharge their lives, their careers and how to add Power to their goals.

Most recently as Speaker of the Year for Vistage International, the world’s largest organization of CEOs, Boaz has conducted hundreds of intensive seminars for elite executives throughout North America and Europe. He has also spoken for such companies as American Airlines, Xerox, Toyota, and Time Warner.

“I am the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest CEO membership organization, Vistage Worldwide. We have over 22,000 members across the globe and we manage a network of over 1000 speakers. Boaz has spoken to over 1500 of our groups all over the world, and he consistently ranks at the top of all speakers. In fact, he was recently named as Speak of the Year. Boaz continues to be the most sought after speaker among all our members.”

Sam Reese – CEO of Vistage Worldwide

Boaz POWER: Attitude Changes Altitude!

Boaz’s innovative program for individuals and corporations is a simple and highly effective process for achievement. Boaz’s most requested and impactful topics include:

Attitude Everyone from C-level leadership down to entry-level people in a company will benefit from a corporate culture with a strong focus on maintaining attitude and morale. Learn how the right attitude can change entire companies. Communication skills are a good soft skill that can be innate in some, but when the right approach is put forth companywide the results can be extraordinary.

Transform Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Champions: The Tiberius Method Most people don’t realize that the first 15 minutes of each day will set themood for our entire day. Thus, what we do the first thing each morning is really important. You, your family, your goals, and your success are very important to us. Over many years, we’ve conducted extensive research into why some people do very well in life and others do not. The key, we discovered, was the repetition of certain simple and valuable habits, over and over and over. The program you will experience is a culmination highly focused of research over the period of many years.

Communication and Relationships An expert on communication and attitude, his motivational speaking style is easy to understand and effective. Improved communication can boost morale, improve employee retention, and help lower conflicts internally. Externally, communication skills translate into increased sales, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Profit Building It takes a continuous and rigorous effort to continue to build profits year after year. How will a profit building speaker help you do that? With extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies in training, consulting, and as a keynote speaker, Boaz can elevate your event from good to great. Boaz is known for his presentations on attitude and how it impacts results. He can leave a lasting impression on attendees. They will leave armed with new tools to help with profit-building, relationship management, communication skills, and overall attitude.

Be Ambitious and Prosper Be ambitious and prosper is a concept that can transform individual lives and entire corporations alike. Sometimes we look at people who are ambitious as being greedy. However most people who are ambitious actually have their goals clearly defined and they’re going after them with resolve and determination. There’s nothing greedy about clearly defining where we want to go and how to get there. In fact, doing so allows the universe to dictate our destination. Ambition is simply self-determination and it makes all the difference in the world in explaining why some companies have extraordinary growth while others just get by. Boaz will rev up your company’s collective ambition and jumpstart the journey to prosperity.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Boaz

“The introduction of your methods and your enthusiasm to our staff has proven to be a difference maker. For the past six month, for the first time in history, BDC has outperformed our competitors and achieved the top market share in New England. This will result in more than $70 million USD in new business this year, an increase of $12 million over the previous year.”

Kenneth J. Smith – President of BDC Capital, USA
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